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Earthquakes, sink holes, under ground fires are generally thought of being natural disasters. But are they? Today's surge in resource extraction is creating all sorts of havoc on the earth and humans are now waking up to this new reality. We did this.


Developed by Rock Yenta Produtions Inc.




"Revolution Hair" is not the history of hair. It a film about hair changed history. Jeanne d'Arc shaved her hair off and lead an army. Marie Antoinette's hair got so big it caused France to rise up. Wig masters, hair dressers and political strategists will tell how hair was used to motivate, protest and manipulate the masses thoughout our times.

Developed by Rock Yenta Produtions Inc.


FLY ME (feature doc)

"Fly Me" is a fun and exciting documentary that flies back in time to the heyday of flight travel. Meet the women who served up good times, saw the world and partied with the rich and famous. Our 'Stews' deliver!

Developed for Shaw Media. Co-Produced with Netherwood Film Productions Inc.


SURGERY DIY (13 x 1/2)

This series is not for the quesy. It's about people who take their lives in their own hands and do the unthinkable - they perform surgery on themselves. Each episode will feature first hand bloody accounts of acts of heroism and stupidity.

Co Developed with Scott and Farpoint Films.



Come along with our hosts, 'Cheese Puffs' as they travel around the world on a cheesy odyssey. Each episode is an adventure, full of twists and turns along a bumpy road to finding the most divine cheese in the world.


Developed by Rock Yenta Productions Inc.

For more information on any of these projects, please contact us!

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