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My Millennial Life is a provocative and entertaining feature-length documentary about one generation’s big dreams, crushing disappointments, friendship, career, debts, love, and ultimately getting launched and making their mark. Millennials are getting dumped on from all sides, from parents, employers and the economy in general. This honest and humorous doc shows the world through their eyes. It’s a heart-stopping portrayal of the adventures of five resourceful, charming and talented 20-somethings and the obstacles and opportunities they face along the way.



Director: Maureen Judge

Producers: Maureen Judge (Makin' Movies) and Charlotte Engel (Rock Yenta Productions)

Writer: Maureen Judge

Cinematographers:  Daniel Grant & Maya Bankovic

Editors: Cathy Gulkin & George Wright

Sound: Jason Milligan

Composer:  Aaron Davis


Broadcaster: TVO, ichannel

Distribution: TVF International

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