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Documentary - 44 minutes and 50 minutes


“Puffin Patrol” is an environmental film that features a majestic and tough bird that is now under threat. If puffins are in trouble, what does that say about us?


“Puffin Patrol” takes viewers into the world of the Atlantic puffin. Travel to remote locations where the puffin’s unique migration patterns and feeding habits are being studied. See where puffin populations are at risk and meet the biologists who study the bird’s greatest stressors. Follow the people of Witless Bay, Newfoundland as they rescue lost and confused pufflings from the roadside and see how this simple task teaches us about environment.


From majestic Newfoundland and Maine, to the rugged Isles of Wales, join our passionate team of scientists and puffin enthusiasts on the “Puffin Patrol”.






Produced by Two Rock Productions Inc. Produced In Association with Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the Canadian Media Fund, The Rogers Documentary Fund, The Newfoundland and Labrador Film Development Corporation, and the Newfoundland, Ontario and Federal Tax Credit Programs. 


Produced by Rosemary House (Rock Island Productions) and

Charlotte Engel (Rock Yenta Productions)

Directed by Scott Dobson

Cinematography by Nigel Markham

Edited by Carole Larsen

Sound by Mark Neary and Marco Dolle

Original music by Mark Bragg

Written by Charlotte Engel and  Rosemary House 

Graphics by Electric Square


Broadcasters: CBC, documentary, ARTE, Choice TV (NZ), Infra Comm (Russia), Prima Zoom (CR), NHK (Japan) and Explora (PQ)


Distribution: Earth Touch Sales


For more information about the documentary go to the Puffin Patrol website and CBC's The Nature of Things

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