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March 2024
My documentary "Dance With Me" for CBC's "Land and Sea" is almost done! Thanks to Stewart Young and Kendall Nowe from CBC for their vision and guidance. Airdate to come!

I've been lucky enough to secure development for my new film "Magical Moths" from CBC's "The Nature of Things". Do you have a favourite moth?

I'm helping out Film PEI with their Film Forward initiative. I can't wait to see which films are picked to get made this summer!

Oct. 2023

I am proud to announce I was elected to the Board of Film PEI. Thanks to my fellow film folk who have put their faith in me! I'm also on the Board of the Charlottetown Film Society! 

Excited to be participating in the Charlottetown Film Festival. I'll be spreading Pitch O Rama to PEI and will be moderating a panel with Stewart Young of CBC. Come on out if you can!


Sept. 2023

I'm off to Halifax and Lunenburg to be on a panel and to put on Pitch O Rama, the most 'funnest' improv pitch event in the world. I also will be pitching some fantastic new doc ideas!

August 2023

I'm having so much fun working on the "Land and Sea". It's great to work with a whole new group of talented folks out East. And I've made some great people in the world of Square Dancing!


May 2023

Great news! I will be directing and producing an episode CBC's "Land and Sea". It's on square dancing. All those grade 8 classes came in handy!


January 2023

Happy New Year!! I'm excited to have a few new projects in development. Should you need help or advice on your project, please drop me a line at


October 2022

Hey y'all, I'm spending my time out East. Looking forward to meeting new filmmakers in PEI!

September 2022

Hi All, just letting you know that Rock Yenta Productions is currently cooking up new ideas. Stay informed as things roll into production. 

Sept. 2020

I hope all of you are safe and are looking after yourselves. I know it's tough out there.


RYP is currently cooking up fun and exciting ideas and hopes to debut them in the Spring. Talk soon!

May 2016

Thanks for coming out to the screening or tuning in! We had 500 people at the screening at the Bloor! 

If you missed My Millennial Life, watch it here on TVO. It's geo blocked for some territories. Stay tuned for news of other broadcasters.


Maureen made the G&M. Check it out!


April 2016

Our website for My Millennial Life is done thanks to the hard work of the MML and Helios teams. 


Sign up for our  MML newsletter!

April 2016

Our website for My Millennial Life is almost done thanks to the hard work of the MML and Helios teams. TVO is hosting a screening of the film in May. More details to follow.


March 2016

The Puffin Patrol screening at the Water Docs Film Festival was amazing. Loved meeting the audience and so honoured to win a prize!


Director Maureen Judge is down at SXSW showing off her skills. Our My Millennial Life DM is almost done!


The Puffin Patrol screenings at EFF in DC were sold out. Scott Dobson had a fantatic time! Thanks for having us!


Fractured Land and Puffin Patrol will be playing at the Water Docs film festival in Toronto at the end of the month. AND Puffin Patrol has won an honourable mention award at Water Docs. I hope to see you there!


February 2016

Just back from Whitehorse where Fractured Land debuted at the Available Light Film Festival. It was wonderful to be in the Yukon.


January 2016

Congrats to  Rob Ruzic for the Canadian Screen Awards nomination for Best Writing in a Documentary for "Mugshot". We're rooting for you Rob!


"Puffin Patrol" is coming to the 2016 Environmental Film Festival in the Nation's Capital (EFF).  The Fest will be held March 15-26 throughout Washington D.C.


Puffin Patrol's Annette Fayet is now Dr. Fayet! Congrats Annette! 


December 2015

MML has completed the online. Delivery to TVO with a bow on it next week!


Wow, what a great showing. 505,000 Canadians watched Puffin Patrol on television and on line. Thanks so much.


November 2015

Here's an amazing review by John Doyle in the Globe & Mail of Puffin Patrol!


Puffin Patrol had a great screening at Planet in Focus. Thanks for coming out. 


My Millennial Life is locked and loaded. Work on the DM continues.


October 2015

Fractured Land won Best BC Doc at VIFF! Congrats to the entire FL team! Yay!


September 2015

MML is deep in post with Cathy Gulkin at the helm! We are thrilled to have her!


August 2015

"My Millennial Life" is having a test screening with Millennials next week.


July 2015

Puffin Patrol is LIVE! Follow on twitter!


Carpe Diem on PBS. Check local listings!


June 2015

Just back from Sunnyside of the Doc for CBC,  "My Millennial Life" and "Puffin Patrol"! Lots of great meetings and wonderful food. 


Follow "My Millennial Life" on twitter at @MyMilLife!


April 2015

Don't miss "Fractured Land" at Hot Docs.


Hot off the press, I've taken a position at CBC as the new Executive in Charge of Production for CBC Docs. I'm really honoured to be selected for this role.


April is upon us. Lots of premiers. "Carpe Diem" is on Milwaukee's PBS station on April 6 at 9 pm. "Mugshot" premiers on Knowledge on April 7 at 9 pm and in the US on Audience on April 11 at 8 pm. And "Fractured Land" debuts at Hot Docs at the end of the month. 


March 2015

"Mugshot" is off to screen at film festivals in Salem and Montreal.

The "My Millennial Life" shoot continues to go well. 


"Puffin Patrol" returns to Toronto for the sound mix at Theater D. 


February 2015

Great to see Becky Cudmore from the DFO recently at an Asian Carp event. She's got new toys to keep up the fight against Asian Carp. 


January 2015

"Puffin Patrol" is locked. David Suzuki has done a great job of narrating the film for CBC. Off the film goes to NL for the sound edit and colour correct at NIFCO!


"Mugshot" will screen at the Salem Film Fest and at FIFA in Montreal in March. And it will air  on Audience in the US on April 11 at 8 pm ET/PT.


Fine cut done on "Puffin Patrol".


Shooting on "My Millennial Life" is going well. We have wonderful subjects.


December 2014

The rough cut to "Puffin Patrol" is done! Now for the fine tuning! 


November 2014

Rock Yenta is off to Hong Kong for the World Science Congress. 


October 2014

Home from the "Hot Springs FIlm Festival" with Mugshot.


Post production officially starts on "Puffin Patrol".  Joining the team is editor Carole Larsen. Welcome to team puffin!


September 2014

"My Millennial Life" has received funding from TVO, the Bell Fund and the CMF. Makin' Movies and I are thrilled to get going on this doc! 

August 2014

"Carpe Diem" has been invited to screen at the Life Sciences Film Festival in Prague. We are honoured!


The final shoot in Newfoundland went well. We've seen first hand how saving and releasing a baby puffin can transform a person. It's magic.


July 2014

The "Puffin Patrol" shoots in the UK and Maine were fantastic. Many thanks to everyone for making it happen!


June 2014

"Carpe Diem" has been invited to the American Conservation Film Festival in Shepherdstown, WV in the Autumn. And we accept!

"Mugshot" will screen at the Hot Springs festival in Arkansas in the Fall. 


May 2014

A big "Mugshot" win at the Yorkton Film fest in the Arts & Culture category!


Camera's up on "Puffin Patrol". We start shooting in the last week of May in Witless Bay, NL. 


It's a double feature! Rock Yenta takes on Yorkton, SK with back to back screenings of "Mugshot" and "Carpe Diem" on May 23. 


"Puffin Patrol" has secured assistance from the Rogers Doc Fund. 


"Mugshot has had amazing screenings at Hot Docs! 


April 2014

"Carpe Diem" has been asked to screen at the Yorkton Film Festival as part of a community screening. What a great honour! 


Happy Birthday Rock Yenta! We are now 3 years old. Hard to believe it. 


"Mugshot" is up for Best Research in a documentary at Yorkton Film Festival. 


March 2014

Rock Yenta and Public Pictures is thrilled to announce "Mugshot" will premier at Hot Docs!!! 


"Carpe Diem" screens at the wonderful Water Docs film festival in Toronto.


Japan's NHK has bought the rights to "Carpe Diem"! 


February 2014


Charlotte Engel and Scott Dobson are screening "Carpe Diem" at the Canadian Embassy in Washington DC in March. 


January 2014

Films Transit has come on board to distribute "Mugshot". 


Makin' Movies has secured development money from TVO for "Millennials". RY is looking forward to working with them on this exciting project.


Two Rock Productions Inc. has been born! This company links Rock Yenta and Rock Island for "Puffin Patrol". Welcome to the world!

2013 Highlights


A special sad note in regard to the loss of a doc hero and mentor, the great Peter Wintonick. I miss you Peter! 


"Carpe Diem" has been invited to screen at the Canadian Embassy in Washington, DC in March. We are so honoured and are pleased to be attend.


More great news! CBC's "The Nature of Things" has green lit "Puffin Patrol". Rock Yenta and Rock Island Movies to co-produce. Two Rocks are better than one!


More great October news! "Carpe Diem" has been sold to ARTE. The fish are coming to Europe! Watch out!


Hot off the press: Charlotte Engel  joins "Fractured Land" as Executive Producer.


Carpe Diem is returning home to Planet In Focus on Nov. 23 at 1:30 pm.


A big shout out goes to all the participants in "Carpe Diem".


"Carpe Diem: A Fishy Tale" will premier on CBC on Oct. 3, 2013 at 8 pm.  Stay tuned for other exciting news.

The "Mugshot" shoot in NYC went amazinly well.


2012 Highlights


Charlotte Engel is elected by DOC Toronto to the Hot Docs board of directors.


Rogers Documentary and Cable Fund backs "Carpe Diem"!!!

TVO, Knowledge Network and SVT shows some "Mugshot" love! Rock Yenta & Public Pictures are thrilled to move forward this great documentary. Yay!!!

"Carpe Diem" is green lit by CBC's "The Nature of Things". 

Rock Yenta to Co-Produce feature documentary "American Mugshot" along with Producer and Director, Dennis Mohr of Publc Pictures.

​Rock Yenta & Aircastle complete development on "Yarn Bomb" for Shaw Media

Charlotte Engel is elected to DOC Toronto's Board of Directors


2011 Highlights


​CBC green lights development on "Carpe Diem" for "The Nature of Things"

Charlotte Engel wins Green Pitch Prize at Planet in Focus Film Festival in Toronto for "Carpe Diem"

Rock Yenta comes on board with Aircastle Productions to develop "Yarn Bomb" for Shaw Media

​Rock Yenta launches Pitch O Rama at the Yorkton Film Festival.

"Fly Me" is green lit for development by Shaw Media​

Charlotte Engel sets up own Production Company, Rock Yenta Productions Inc.


​Charlotte Engel leaves Bell Media Inc. after 9.5 years

Rock Yenta
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